Regulatory and Discipline

As the Professional Body for the Forensic industry in South Africa, the ACFE SA has an obligation to the public and industry to regulate, and where necessary, discipline its members. In terms of this regulatory obligation, members must at all times adhere to the values of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, applicable legislation and the law in general, as well as the Code of Ethics and the Professional Standards as set by the ACFE.

ACFE SA has, in conjunction with the ACFE International, an effective disciplinary process in place to maintain the standards required of a Certified Fraud Examiner on both the local and international level.

To file a complaint against a member contact

ACFE SA Chair of the Disciplinary Committee

Servaas due Plessis


ACFE SA, Legal Officer

ACFE SA Disciplinary Procedure

Disciplinary Procedures: Formal Complaints
Effective 1 August 2018

Upload the ACFE SA Disciplinary Code: ACFE SA Disciplinary Procedure

ACFE Bylaws: Addendum A

ACFE Code of Ethics: Addendum B

ACFE Professional Standards: Addendum C

PSIRA - 2018

Legal opinion received - 2018

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